• What is that watermark? It's something we hate to do, but copying images has become prevalent that its become a necessity to cover our images to reduce theft. And with AI, it is become easier to remove those watermarks, so we have to update our procedures to minimize this issue and keep it as easy as possible for parents to view and order their images. Thank you for your understanding!
  • Please note, all images shot on a green screen background have the backgrounds removed with our automated software. The software is good, but finer details may have issues that need to be touched up. All images that are ordered will be double checked and all details fixed before sending to print.
  • If your athlete has glasses, we normally take a photo without the glasses and use that to remove any noticeable glare. This will be done to any image before sending to print. Any questions please reach out before ordering
  • Parents who order digital files are allowed to print and share those images as they please for anything other than commercial work. You will receive a link a few days after you order to download the photos and license info.
  • Unlike our competitors, there are no minimum orders or packages that you have to buy if you want single print images or digital files.

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